Kapton® - PI film
® / Tefzel® - FEP/PFA/ETFE film
Superio-UT - PEI film
Dianium - Modified PPE sheet
Dialamy - PET film
PI Single/Double Side Tape

Kapton® - PI film
Kapton® polyimide film possesses a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for a variety of applications in many different industries. The ability of Kapton® to maintain its excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range has opened new design and application areas to plastic films. Kapton® is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine. It has excellent chemical resistance; there are no known organic solvents for the film.
Kapton® does not melt or burn as it has the highest UL-94 flammability rating: V-0. The outstanding properties of Kapton® permit it to be used at both high and low temperature extremes where other organic polymeric materials would not be functional.

Adhesives are available for bonding Kapton® to itself and to metals, various paper types, and other films. Kapton® polyimide film can be used in a variety of electrical and electronic insulation applications: wire and cable tapes, formed coil insulation, substrates for flexible printed circuits, motor slot liners, magnet wire insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation, magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes, and tubing. Many of these applications are based on the excellent balance of electrical, thermal, mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of Kapton® over a wide range of temperatures. It is this combination of useful properties at temperature extremes that makes Kapton® a unique industrial material.

Type HN:
Kapton® Type HN, all-polyimide film, has been used successfully in applications at temperatures as low as –269°C (– 452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F). Type HN film can be laminated, metallized, punched, formed, or adhesive coated.
Type VN:
Kapton® Type VN, all-polyimide film with all of the properties of Type HN, plus superior dimensional stability.
Type FN:
Kapton® Type FN, a Type HN film coated on one or both sides with Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin, imparts heat sealability, provides a moisture barrier, and enhances chemical resistance.
Type HPP-ST:
Kapton® HPP-ST has the same excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range offered by standard Kapton®. Additionally, the high-performance film offers superior dimensional stability and improved adhesion with most adhesion systems.
Type MT / MTB:
Kapton® MT polyimide film is a homogeneous film possessing 3x the thermal conductivity and cut through strength of standard Kapton® HN. Its thermal conductivity properties make it ideal for use in controlling and managing heat in electronic assemblies such as printed circuit boards. Kapton® MT offers an excellent combination of electrical properties, thermal conductivity and mechanical toughness for its use in electronic and automotive applications. Kapton® MT has higher modulus than HN; this offers improved strength to the final product. As all Kapton® films, MT retains its properties for extended storage periods in original packaging at temperatures between 4–29°C (40–85°F). This type also have black color, called “MTB”.
Type FMT:
Kapton® FMT polyimide film uses Kapton® MT coated Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin on both sides. Kapton® MT polyimide film is a homogeneous film possessing 3x the thermal conductivity and cut through strength of standard Kapton® HN. Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin coated imparts heat sealability, provides a moisture barrier, and enhances chemical resistance.
Type JP / JPB:
The Kapton® JP family of polyimide films has been designed to give optimum forming characteristics. JP films have higher elongations at elevated temperatures while maintaining the combination of excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties inherent in Kapton® HN and HA. JP polymer properties enable drawing deeper parts at lower temperatures and shorter cycle times. After forming, parts exhibit excellent shape retention and minimum shrinkage. This type also have black color, called “JPB”.

Teflon® / Tefzel® - FEP/PFA/ETFE film
DuPont High Performance Materials supplies fluoropolymer film and sheets, sold under the tradenames of Teflon® (for FEP and PFA films) and Tefzel® (for ETFE films). These products are sold into the Composite Release, Chemical Processing, Electrical and Electronic, Packaging, and Specialty Film Industries.

Known for their low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, weather / UV resistance, excellent optical properties, negligible moisture absorption, and outstanding performance at temperature extremes, Teflon® and Tefzel® films can be thermoformed, laminated, heat-sealed, die-stamped, and oriented for use in a wide variety of applications including composite part mold release, anti-corrosive linings, non-stick roll covers, rupture disks, high frequency microwave circuitry, pharmaceutical cap liners, sterile packaging, cable insulation, microphone electret membranes, photovoltaic cell glazing, anti-graffiti coverings, erasable surface coverings, automotive airbag systems, fuel hose permeation barrier, hot melt adhesive, and countless others.

A. DuPont TEFLON® FEP / PFA fluorocarbon film
DuPont FEP / PFA film is a transparent, thermoplastic film that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, vacuum formed, heat bonded, welded, metalized, laminated— combined with dozens of other materials, and can also be used as an excellent hot-melt adhesive. This wide variety of fabrication possibilities combines with important properties to offer a unique balance of capabilities not available in any other plastic film.
A-1 TEFLON® FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene polymer)

 Continuous service temperature -240 to 250°C (-400 to 400°F)
 Melting range 250 to 280°C (500 to 540°F)
 Heat sealable
Type A ( general purpose ), Type C (one side comentable), Type C-20(both sides cemetable), and Type L(high stress crack resistance in extreme environments)

A-2 TEFLON® PFA (Perfluoro alkoxy polymer)
 Continuous service temperature -240 to 260°C (-400 to 500°F)
 Melting range 300 to 310°C (572 to 590°F)
 Heat sealable
Type LP ( general purpose ), Type CLP (one side comentable)

B. TEFZEL® ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene polymer)

Type LZ--General-purpose film, Type CLZ--Treated one-side for improved cementability, and Type CLZ-20--Treated both sides for improved cementability.

Superio-UT - PEI film
This is a film made of polyetherimide resin developed by GE of USA with MPI’s superior film producing technology. It complies with the UL specification. It is recommended for applications such as heat resistive insulation material, films for TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) and high-grade tweeter diaphragm, etc.
“SUPERIO-UT” is an ultra heat-resistant engineering plastics film made with Mitsubishi Plastic’s technology using polyetherimide resin developed by GE. There are two types of grade, one is Type F that is recently developed and the conventional Type E. Type F has been developed by improving the solvent resistance and heat resistance under stress in comparison to Type E and most suitable for heat-resistant insulating material and the applications for a high solvent resistance.

Dianium - Modified PPE sheet
DIANIUM is a flame retardant electric insulation sheet in non-halogen series and is qualified in UL regulation. Like heat-resistant polyvinyl chloride sheet, the sheet is available for punching and bending works. It is mainly used as an insulating material for electric and office equipment.

Dialamy - PET film
DIALAMY is flame-retardant polyester film by inserting the retarder between them which has been newly developed by special technique of Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. DIALAMY has got the highest nonflammability for a polyester based film which has never been realized before, thus it has got the authorization of UL standard 94-VTM-0 first in the world.

PI Single/Double Side Tape
Backing: Dupont Kapton® Film ( Polyimide film )
Pressure sensitive adhesive: High temperature resistance adhesive.
Liner : PET film coated silicone (one side or double side, per customer’s request).
1. High temperature resistance up to 260°C.
2. Excellent adhesion to low energy surface such as PP, PE, Teflon, Silicone.
3. Excellent electronic resistance performance.
4. Excellent solvent and chemical resistance.
Application: 1. Liner is available for punching and protection, especially for optical industries or 1. CMOS related process that need extremely clean environment.
2. Excellent for masking gold finger on PCB during wave solder.
3. Excellent for masking drum during copper foil plating process.
4. For flexible heater bonding.
5. Excellent high temperature masking, insulating, component packing.