Our water and dust proof of the membranes which could offer high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and highly breathable application. Vents are made with pure PTFE and adhesive. The enhanced protection withstands challenging environment and longer product life.

Water and dust proof of the membrane meets IP68 requirement and it's nanometer grade structure, even airtight space could balance air pressure. The move free of air avoid steam condensed to water drops.

Features / Benefits:

-- Water / Dust Proof Level to IP68
-- Excellent Chemically Inert
-- Wide Range of Service Temperature -40°C~125°C
-- Low Sound Transmission Loss
-- UV- Resistance
-- Easy Installation
-- Customer Designs / Manufacturing


-- Portable Electronics Devices ( Notebook, Mobile phones GPS, PDA, Two - Way Radio)
-- Telecommunications Equipments -waterproof earphones
-- Sensors
-- Speakers and Microphones
-- LED Outdoor Lighting
-- Plant Tissue Culture
-- Headlight of car


-- Drawing / Size(ID /OD,Length/ Width)
-- Thickness
-- Air Permeability (Gurley number)
-- Support Material (PET, PP, HDPE, Nonwovens...etc)
-- Structure
-- Color